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Allergy Assays

Helping the Medical Community

One out of every five people suffers from some form of allergy. In today's cost-conscious healthcare environment, the ability to refer allergy patients to a specialist may be diminished. Today's primary care physician has become the gatekeeper for millions of allergy sufferers worldwide.

Most patients are diagnosed, treated and/or referred to a specialist simply on the basis of medical history and clinical symptoms. The complexity of allergy as a disease makes this approach less than ideal. First an accurate diagnosis must be made. Patients also prefer efficient, high quality diagnosis that allows prompt and effective health management.

Always known for technology and reliability, we offer the medical community an alternative means of diagnosing allergy in a timely manner and at a significantly lower cost than has traditionally been available. We're proud to present an accurate, easy to use serum tests for allergy.

Used as part of an initial allergy evaluation, the information obtained allows optimal patient management by avoiding unnecessary and costly referrals of non-allergic patients, while allergic patients can be treated sooner and more effectively.

Quality & Affordable Allergy Care

Objective Analysis

36 specific IgE results - optimized with the most regional or categorically prevalent allergens - from a 1.5 ml serum sample.

High Quality

Accurate test results offer good correlation with skin testing. Access to the latest in vitro allergy testing technology.

Easy to Use System

Requires minimal training and provides plenty of “walk-away” time for staff to perform other duties.

A Cost-Effective System

Easily incorporated with existing licensing, personnel and space. Low start-up costs and incremental revenue help grow a physician’s practice.

Comfortable for Patients

A less intrusive technique that can be performed without stopping current medications & regardless of skin condition

Consultation & Education

A board-certified allergist is available to discuss test results, treatment options and other aspects of allergic disease. Educational materials for patients are also available.

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