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The AP3600™ Automated In Vitro Allergy Diagnostic System

The AP3600™ system is designed for easy and efficient in vitro allergy testing using only a small amount of sample volume to measure allergen specific IgE concentration in human serum. The system is fully automated and requires only the initial setup performed by the laboratory technician: prepare the patient samples, load the samples into the AP3600™ system, and load the required OPTIGEN® pettes. Each pette contains up to 36 different allergens which are tested simultaneously. The entire process takes less than six hours.

High capacity automation – The AP3600 delivers increased throughput and true walk-away time. The new high capacity instrument can process up to 100 panels, or as many as 3,600 individual allergen results, in a single day.

High quality, reliable results – The AP3600 features the same proven technology used in the OPTIGEN® Allergen-Specific IgE IVD products. The assay platform provides medical professionals with a front-line screening approach for panel allergy diagnosis.

Simplicity of design and ease of operation – The AP3600 provides clinical laboratories with a streamlined process flow from sample collection tube to result. The fully automated system features an on-board, user-friendly operating system; bi-directional Laboratory Information System (LIS) interface; and internal barcode scanners for accurate sample and result identification. An internal controller, traceable to an international standard, automatically verifies instrument performance prior to each sample analysis, greatly reducing preanalytical process times. Kit to instrument on-board reagents further reduce hands-on time for laboratorians.

Other functionality benefits include:

  • All software and panel updates are performed via a USB device.
  • An internal controller, calibrated to the highest international standards, automatically verifies instrument performance prior to each sample analysis.
  • The instrument is available in Japan and FDA 510(k) cleared in the U.S.

The OPTIGEN AP3600 comes with world-class training, technical and clinical support.

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