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The AP 3600™ Automated In Vitro Allergy Diagnostic System

Allergy testing can be time consuming and a drain on a lab’s resources. Clinical laboratories now have a high quality fully automated solution for panel allergy testing that speeds up the testing process and enhances reliability and diagnostic precision. Our clinic-friendly AP 3600™ Automated Instrument works with the OPTIGEN® Allergen-Specific IgE Assay, a patented panel format serum test for allergy. With just one serum sample, it measures a patient’s response to up to 36 specific IgE results simultaneously. This assay technology provides medical professionals with a streamlined, front-line allergy approach for initial consultations, and a cost-effective, patient friendly means of allergy diagnosis. And with the AP 3600™ Automated Instrument, reference labs now have a way increase lab throughput from sample collection tube to results — freeing up staff to perform other duties.

Here are some of the advantages of the AP 3600™ Automated Instrument for your reference lab:

  • Delivers increased throughput with full automation — Gives clinical laboratories a competitive advantage by speeding up the panel testing process, and saving on labor costs. It has been designed to leverage the latest technology advancements, offering throughput of up to 100 patient panels or as many as 3,600 allergens in a single day. With this fully automated solution, your staff won’t have to waste valuable time preparing each sample but will gain economies of scale in testing, and be better able to service a larger number of Doctors’ offices.
  • Provides high quality, reliable results you can count on — Offers the seven-class dynamic range that enables better diagnostic precision. It is built to Hitachi’s high-quality standards to always deliver reliable, reproducible results.
  • Offers simplicity and ease of operation — Features an on-board, user-friendly operating system with an easy-to-read and use LCD touchscreen, and internal bar code readers that scan information for accurate sample and panel identification. A bi-directional Laboratory Information System (LIS) interface allows the instrument to receive test requests from the lab’s network, and send results back to the LIS — all with minimal operator involvement or training required.

With the AP 3600™, there is no need to purchase a separate PC that consumes precious space. This compact, standalone system has an on-board PC with an intuitive user interface. A printer is optional.

Other functionality benefits include:

  • All software and panel updates are performed via a USB device.
  • An internal controller, calibrated to the highest international standards, automatically verifies instrument performance prior to each sample analysis.
  • The instrument is pending both FDA clearance and CE Mark.

The OPTIGEN AP 3600 comes with world-class training, technical and clinical support.

<AP 3600™ is currently available in Japan>