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Allergy Testing Services

Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics is committed to improving the lives of allergy patients. In addition to its proven product line, the company also offers extensive support with its Allos Reference Laboratory.

Split Sample Comparison

All laboratories performing the CLA® or OPTIGEN Allergen Specific IgE Assay must subscribe to a testing program that will periodically compare the accuracy of test results generated at their facility with those generated at other facilities performing allergen-specific IgE tests.

These external testing programs, are available from several sources. It is the responsibility of each laboratory to subscribe to, conduct and monitor results.

For your convenience, Hitachi's Allos Reference Laboratory now offers a Split Sample Comparison Program. The annual all inclusive fee, tests up to 36 allergens per panel for two different serum samples at each of three testing events.

For more information or to get started, click here to contact the Allos Reference Laboratory.

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