Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics, Inc.

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With its headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley and offices around the world, Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics is a global leader of in vitro allergy diagnostics with a legacy of innovation. Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics was the first company to introduce a multiple in vitro diagnostic test for allergies and one of the first to introduce a chemiluminescent assay system for the detection of lgE antibodies. The company holds many in vitro allergy testing technology patents and continues to pioneer advancements in the field.

Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics, an integral member of the Hitachi Group, works with industry leaders, laboratories and distributors around the world to provide the medical community access to the latest in vitro allergy testing technology. Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics is committed to innovation, quality, and the strength of the Hitachi brand. Our products are marketed to over 40 countries worldwide. To learn more about Hitachi Chemical Diagnostics and the CLA® Allergen Specific IgE Assay, please contact us, or your local representative.